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Sunday, October 27, 2013

status update

I have been very quiet lately as I passed out at 3:30 PM on Tuesday, October 8th and hit the back of my head hard when I fell and then passed out again at 5 AM on Wednesday, October 9th and hit the front of my head and face hard when I fell. End result: Three days in the hospital and a diagnosis of two hemorrages (one subdural and one subarrachnoid) in the left side of my brain and an area of electrical activity on the right side of my brain that puts me at high risk for a seizure, thus I have to rest a lot and cannot be on the computer anywhere near as much as usual.

Above is the status I posted on Facebook last week.   Since then I managed to pick up a cold (from being in the hospital, doctor's office, home health care visits?) which is not helping as doing a lot of sneezing is not good when you have two bleeding areas in your brain, so I am spending a lot of time resting, trying to get over the cold and let my brain heal.

I see my neurologist on Thursday.    He will need to order up follow up tests to check the status of the bleeding in my brain and the area of electrical activity that they said puts me at high risk for seizures.


Joseph Potocny said...


How are you doing. Sorry have not kept up as I should. But Mr. AD is taking his toll.

God Bless & Keep You.

Doreen Platt said...

I'm sorry, Joseph, I have been doing a terrible job myself of keeping up on my own blog. I keep telling myself I should update but just keep putting it off. I am still hanging in there, but slowing down myself. The Doreen who used to be able to do half a million things a day is gone now. I simply get through what I get through each day and what I don't get through one day gets put off to perhaps be done another day.

Thank you following up with me. I am sorry it took me so long to reply to you.