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Thursday, October 3, 2013

between computers

I have been silent the last few days as I have been waiting to be on my new desktop before doing another post but I just noticed I have not posted since Sunday so wanted too leave a quick note.

My old "upgraded over time out of various bits and pieces"  desktop was having more and more issues.    I talked to my favorite computer repair person and he told me it would cost more to replace the parts that were dying on me with upgraded parts that can handle what I need* than to replace it with a very nice Dell that I found on sale (an Inspiron 660).

*such as I needed a lot more than the 228 GB on my old hard drive to handle everything for the book I am compiling about Diana's Dad as I am going to need to store a lot of graphics and audio and video files for that and a number of other digital scrapbooks that I will be working on.  (The book will be done in the form of a heritage scrapbook with a lot more text than a normal scrapbook, as it will be covering about 150 years of the history of Diana's family.)

I ordered the Dell, it arrived this past Monday (September 30th) but the cord from my monitor had no place to plug into on the new desktop.     I called Dell and they said they would send me an adaptor.  The adaptor arrived yesterday but both sides of it were wrong so I ended up ordering a cord from Amazon.   It should arrive tomorrow.

Once I have it, I should be able to set my new desktop up and make sure all is well and then start to catch up on a week's worth of things that I have been waiting to have access to a desktop of my own to do.     I expect to be fairly busy this weekend playing catch-up but will work on getting another blog post in as now that I have gotten back to blogging, I don't want to let it slip away from me again.

It is much too easy, especially with dementia, to just stop doing something and not pick it back up again.    I am choosing to do fewer things so that I can focus my remaining resources on the things that I am doing and this blog is one of the things that I want to continue to do for as long as I can do so.

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