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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Using Technology as a memory Aid, Part 3, A

work on part 2 of blog post - scanning data into Evernote has additional benefits such as less for Diana to deal with and also makes life much easier when I go to doctor's office, to get groceries, etc. What's the next action and the two minute rule also help. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting with the first one.” –Mark Twain

as a blog post translates to

Recording as much of my data in Evernote as I can (everything from to do lists to results of medical tests, contact data and directions to doctors' offices to grocery lists to ideas for scrapbooking to information on my favorite shows and books, etc.) has a lot of benefits for me as my memory deteriorates.

These include, but are not limited to,

  • The more data I scan in, the more hard copies of material I can get rid of which both makes life much easier for me when looking for things (only have to do a search in my Evernote) and will make life easier for the Executor of my Estate (such as it is *grins*) when the time comes as there will be much less for her to sort through and decide what to do with.
  • When I go to a doctor's office or for a medical test and I am asked, where and when did you last have such and such a test, I no longer have to look at them blankly but can just pull up my Evernote, look in my Medical Tests result notebook and know that a scanned in copy of all of my data on my medical tests will be right in there.   (Or I can search by specific type of test such as X-rays, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Since I cannot drive, it is very helpful when needing to ask someone else to drive me to Doctors' appointments and medical tests to be able to quickly access data on where I need to go.
  • When I go places (library, best friend's house, grocery store, etc.) there is no way that I can remember what I meant to do there.    Using Copy Note Link in Evernote to add links to my daily to do list, allows me to quickly use my cell phone to pull up one note with links for lists of what I need to do in each place I will be going - such as a list of what groceries I need at the store.
  • I often find good ideas for scrapbooking layouts, etc. when wandering around the web.  Using appropriately labelled folders and tags in Evernote allows me to quickly find things again when I need them.  For example, I might be working on a digital scrapbooking layout and playing with shadows.  In the back of my mind will be a memory that I saw a good page somewhere on using shadows but I haven't the foggiest idea where or when.   Typing shadows into my Evernote search will bring up a list of pages with the word including the web page I am looking for.   (I use either web clipper or clearly, depending on the page, to clip loads of things I want to be able to access later from the web.)
  • I am finding already that often when I run across a mention of a book or a show I used to love, that it is a memory that is graying on me ... i.e., it is still ringing a bell (as opposed to things I am told that used to be a part of my life that I no longer have any memory at all of) but the memory is getting further away from me, fuzzier, less clearly delineated.   So I am keeping a notebook called Entertainment and another for Books where I can grab web pages relating to shows and books I have loved to help me keep from losing the memories of things that have given me a lot of pleasure.
  • The books notebook stack  is also where I store recommendations (separate notebook within it) for books that I want to read.
This is not a complete list but I think (hope) gives a good idea of some of the many ways that Evernote reduces the stress in my life.   Knowing that I have so much of what it is important for me to remember, access easily in Evernote (and that I can access the data on web connected computer, my tablet or my smart phone) lets me stay much calmer instead of stressing out over what I might be forgetting that is important or what should I be doing now or next.

There is more in the note above for a blog post but this post is long enough already, so I will try to log in tomorrow to do part b of this blog.

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