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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

um, who are you?

I just read Howard's post for today (FTD Memory and Choking) and he again brought up something, actually two issues, that I am dealing with.

Remembering people's faces has never been my strong point and it is definitely getting weaker.    Since I also have a lot of problem remembering proper nouns, it means I can see someone, and (if I am lucky) think they look vaguely familiar but not be able to figure out their name or where I know them from.

While I am not into sports, Howard's strategy for watching sports (making sure there is a quiet room that he can escape to in order to regroup) is a very important one for me also as I don't do well when I get overwhelmed and too much stimulation will definitely have me walking into walls and struggling to speak.

As to choking, I don't have a problem with eating too fast but I have not been able to swallow large pills for a couple of years now.     They just simply will not go down.   I can put water in my mouth and be as patient as I want and the swallowing reflex will not kick in for me for large pills.       Sometimes I struggle to get it to kick in for smaller pills and capsules but most days, they will go down fine.

I do find that interesting that something in my brain knows when a pill is larger than my body can handle now and just simply refuses to swallow it.    I am not sure if this will make sense to readers who have never experienced it for themselves.     I don't know how else to explain it as you put the pill in your mouth, drink the water and do whatever it is we humans normally do when we have a pill in our mouths to initiate the swallowing action.    Except when when I do that with something like a large vitamin pill in my mouth (the kind they call "horse pills," the swallowing action just will not kick in no matter how hard I try.

For a while I ended up resorting to chewable vitamins but they were not an ideal choice either as they both had too much sugar in them and some choices are not vegan.   Thankfully, I found a very small vegan multivitamin, so that solved that issue.

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