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Friday, September 27, 2013

preserving memories

Back in 2002, I went into a nursing home for a few years as after my initial diagnosis, my neurologist basically said I should just give up all hope as there was nothing that could be done for me and I was just going to get worse and worse and become a danger living on my own.    The Medical Director of the nursing home (Dr. Keenan) disagreed.   He thought I could be helped.   He put me on Exelon and encouraged me to stay active and involved in the daily life of the nursing home.   Eleven years later, I have been out of the nursing home for eight years now and proven Dr. Keenan right, that there was still a lot more life left in me.

After I got my initial diagnosis and we were slowly closing up my life in preparation for me to go into the nursing home, my best friend, Diana, wanted to help me preserve my memories and got me started in paper scrapbooking.    (After getting out of the nursing home, I moved on to digital scrapbooking.)

A couple of days ago I stopped at her house where I have a room and picked up some notebooks that I had not looked at in a long time as I wanted to go through them as part of my downsizing project.   It turns out some of them are actually the scrapbooks that I created back in 2002 to help preserve my memories.     They brought back a lot of smiles.     I am so glad that I have them.

I do plan to scan them into Evernote also so that I have an electronic record of them if anything were to ever happen to the originals but it is nice to have something that I can actually hold in my hands with records of so many memories of what has been important in my life.    

The notebooks include not only pictures of key people in my life but also the lyrics to a lot of my favorite songs and words to some of my favorite poems.       It was a lot of fun looking through them as I had not thought of some of those songs and poems in years.

I am going to use those as a starting point now that I have resumed doing digital scrapbooking again.   Once I have them scanned into my Evernote account, I am going to put together a digital scrapbook based on some of my favorite songs and poems.    This will have a two-fold purpose because in addition to bringing updated scrapbooking techniques to poems and songs that I have loved for years, working with them will help to reinforce them in my memory as I noticed while reading them that some of them had been starting to slip away on me.

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