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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Other dementia blogs

Today is a shout out to two dementia blogs that I have been reading for awhile.   Both are from other high functioning people with dementia.

Howard's post at http://earlydementiasupport.blogspot.com/2013/09/bad-docs.html raised an issue I am very familiar with even though I don't have an FTD diagnosis.   (My neurologist has given me an ideopathic dementia diagnosis.)

Howard's words

"I have FTD and don't really follow things in real time.  Couldn't really follow the events intellectually that were happening with Doc F.   ...  Things that happen hits us "after the fact" and we figure it out later."

really hit home for me as I often feel like that at a doctor's office and sometimes other places.    I try to deal with it by writing up my notes for the doctor in advance but I still often leave with my head reeling.     With my shorter term memory going too now, I am thinking more and more that I need to start doing an audio note (yes, on Evernote *grins*) of the doctor visits to help me remember afterwards what was actually said.

The other blog I want to mention today is a post from Bruce:   http://brucebane.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/dementia-on-overload/

I love the way that Bruce turned a battle with his dementia into a poetic experience.       Don't expect to see anything poetic on my blog as I don't have Bruce's talent but as I have been mentioning in some previous posts, in it's own way, dementia is also bringing out my more creative side.

As I often say, there is good in everything and to me (bringing out my creative side) is a benefit of the slowing down that dementia is bringing into my life.

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