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Monday, September 23, 2013

just to maintain discipline

If I am going to keep this blog up, I need to maintain the discipline of posting something almost every day.

I didn't yesterday as I had had less than two hours of sleep (broken up in bits and pieces).     This morning, I had about three hours of sleep so am not in much better shape than I was yesterday.

I will admit that ongoing struggles with sleep is definitely one of my least favorite parts of having dementia.     (They did do a sleep study on me and told me that I was repeatedly waking up before reaching the deep sleep stages.)   The best I can do is to do things that require focus when I have been able to sleep and keep things low key for days like today.

And that is it for today as I also just typed out about 3/4 of a page of notes for my PCP visit tomorrow and that seems to be about all my brain has to give today as I am sitting here staring rather blankly at this post now (an unusual experience for me), having no earthly idea of what else I should include in this post today ...

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