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Monday, September 16, 2013

Digital Scrapbooking to Preserve Memories and Feed Creative Side

I don't recall if I previously mentioned on this blog, but as the ultra analytical, project oriented, "got to get things done" side of me begins to slow down, my creative side is becoming more prominent.

Don't get me wrong, as anyone reading my last few posts (on using technology to aid memory loss) can tell, I am not ready to get out my crochet hooks and move into a rocking chair for the rest of my life.   However, in comparison to in the past, my drive to be productive has slowed down.  

As with everything in life, this, of course, has a good side to it.    My best friend, Diana, had introduced me to paper scrapbooking before I went into the nursing home for a few years back in 2002.      After I got out of the nursing home, I took up digital scrapbooking.   I have not done much with it in the last couple of years.

I have gone back to it again and I am greatly enjoying it now.   At this point, it is just right for me.   It is just enough to keep my mind engaged, allows me to create a finished product I can see and share with others, but does not take up a lot of space around me while I am in the midst of paring down my physical belongings while I still can do so myself.

Of course, I use Evernote to help with my digital scrapbooking too.   For example, I often find things on the web (either "how to" pages or examples of layouts using a ___________ that I want to try.)   Sorry can't think of the right word for it atm ... practice?  procedure?    Neither of them is quite right, it will come to me at some point.   I am going to leave this as it is though as this is my "life with dementia" blog and it is a perfect example of that.    Where I will be going along fine and hit a blank wall on something that I know darned well that I know.

When that happens, I put it aside and do something else as I know darned well that trying to force myself to remember it, will only cause me stress and that never helps my functioning.

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