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Sunday, September 15, 2013

final (I think) part of productivity series

The third tool that I used to keep myself on track as my memory goes south is IFTTT.

Just as I learned about GTD while researching ways to use Evernote better, I kept running into mentions of IFTT the same way.   I was rather skeptical of it at first, but am very glad I took the plunge as it has proven very useful.

While I have notices from my gmail calendar sent to my email, I still need to be reminded to look at them.    IFTTT is one of the ways to make that happen as it can do things like turn selected gmails into text messages for me.

It also creates a daily journal entry (complete with weather report) in my Evernote to encourage me to keep notes (separate from my to do list) of what I have done each day.

This is important because I delete the items on my to do list each day as I do them so they don't serve as a future reminder for me of what I did when.    I keep my daily journals and am able to look back at them to figure out when I did XYZ.   Since Evernote has a great search feature, it is very easy to find when I did something even if I don't remember when I did it.

I also use IFTT for things like sending me a daily notice of the free Amazon app of the day (as I was starting to forget to check for it each day) and the New York Times Best Sellers.   It sends the latter directly into my book recommendations Notebook on my Evernote.  I can scroll through to see if any of them interest me and if so, check my local library for them.  I still love to read, but keeping up on checking best seller lists was also getting a bit beyond me.   Having IFTTT handle it automatically for me, makes life much easier.

So that is my triad:   Evernote, GTD and IFTTT.   Between the three of them, I am still doing fairly well on day to day functioning most days even with my increasing memory deficits.

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