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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

and back to Evernote again (and yet another way it helps with my dementia)

Did I mention that I use Evernote extensively for almost every single part of my life?   *grins*

Another thing that I have found very helpful to do with it is to scan in things like magazine articles, etc. as I have had so many of them sitting around after clipping them at some point in the past (sometimes years ago) because they contained data that I might want to reference again.     Needless to say, most of them ended up in a box, getting carted from place to place and rarely, if every looked at.

Now they are getting scanned into Evernote where I can quickly access them via search.  I absolutely love this.     Once they are scanned in, the original pages can be recycled, thus further reducing how much physical paper I have around.

Another Evernote feature is related notes.    For example, if I wanted to do a search to find out what I have relating to walnuts (I am vegan and keep a lot of nutrition related data in my Evernote), Evernote would first bring up a list of all notes that have Walnuts in the name, in the text or are tagged Walnuts.*   Then once I clicked on any note, underneath that note, Evernote would show me three related notes.   This can help me find useful related data that I might have completely forgotten I had.

*I don't actually have a tag specifically for Walnuts, that was just for example purposes.      Walnuts would be under my nutrition tag.

Yes, this still relates to the dementia - as being able to easily access lots of data with a simple search instead of having the mental baggage of having boxes of paperwork hanging over me, weighing me down, is a major plus for someone who is living with** dementia who needs to simplify her life but is not ready to just throw everything overboard either.

**yes, I have dementia, but I am very much still alive and enjoying my life.   The purpose of this blog is to show that dementia is not the end of the world.      Yes, it takes adjustments and I know as dementia progresses, life gets much harder for the caretaker.  I am not remotely trying to minimize the hard work and sacrifices of the caretakers but I firmly believe that nothing is all bad.    Someday, I will write more about this in a separate blog post.

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