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Monday, March 11, 2013

more relaxed and creative

I was contacted by a caregiver who asked if he could publish a guest post on my blog.   I readily agreed and will be posting his update in the future (having a bit of technical difficulty with his post atm).

I wanted to first give an update on  how I am doing.

I am still working on healing the damage caused by the osteoporosis medication but will hopefully not need another endoscopy.    I need to talk to my doctor about alternative osteoporosis treatments though since my body can't handle standard ones and I am now down to 4' 7" (from a little over 4' 10") because of my severe osteoporosis.

In January  I began to notice difficulties labeling colors.  I can easily tell if something is red or yellow or blue, for example.   However, I am finding myself struggling to distinguish between colors such as teal and aquamarine, bronze and gold, light brown and tan, maroon and magenta, etc.   Since my vision is also getting foggier, I really don't know if this is eye or brain, or perhaps a combination of both.  I have ordered new glasses, if all goes well, I will be getting them tomorrow and will see if they help.   Based on what eye doctor said, I should see a significant improvement with the new glasses as my old prescription was way out of date.

As to meds, I am continuing to take both my Exelon and 3 tablespoons a day of coconut oil.    I'm not sure if the coconut oil is doing a lot for the dementia but it definitely is making me healthier as it does a good job of suppressing all cravings for sweets.   I am now fully back to a very healthy vegan diet and have a lot more energy than I have had in a long time.

I am also enjoying life even more now because as my memory and math usage continue to slip, I am finding that the ultra planner, logical side of me is very slowly moving a bit more to the back and my creative side (something I have back burnered most of my life) is becoming more prominent.   

Not only am I exercising and meditating daily again, but I am also spend more time doing creative things now and finding myself much more relaxed.    I feel very content overall.  I have very little desire to push myself to do lots of puzzles and games, etc. to try to keep my brain forming new connections anymore.    Somehow, I seem to be right where I should be right now.

My feeling is that as long as I am still capable of doing the things I need to do daily,  then I am doing as well as I need to be doing and don't need to (nor do I have any desire to) push myself to regain what I am losing.   Perhaps that is the dementia taking away my desire to fight it, I don't know.   All I know is that I feel like this less driven, more creative phase in my life feels like right where I am supposed to be right now.   Not something to resist or try to "fix."

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