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Friday, May 4, 2012

Thank Goodness for Evernote

I am leaving on a trip for a week today.   I have been working for quite awhile on my list of what I need to take.   I no longer trust myself to remember even the most crucial things on days when there is a lot going on as there is today.

I have found Evernote to be a lifesaver.   I can access it via the web, have a copy on my desktop and on my Kindle Fire.    It has a very easy to use checklist feature.  So over the past few weeks, I have used it to put together a very detailed checklist of everything that I need to take so that this morning instead of stressing out about "what am I forgetting?" I can just go down the list and check off each thing to make sure it is not being left behind.

My desktop will be in the shop while I am away but I will have both my portable and my Kindle Fire with me and they will both have access to the same list so when packing to come home, I can use the same list to make sure I assemble everything that needs to come back with me.

Thank you Evernote for creating a very easy to learn how to use application that is a lifesaver for memory (and learning) impaired folks.    (Preparing for this trip is just one of the many ways I have found Evernote to be a major help with things that I would have otherwise forgotten as I go about my daily life.)

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