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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pinterest can be a real boon for the memory impaired

I do use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.   I am posting about them on my "life with dementia" themed blog because I have been slowly coming to a conclusion regarding the big three.    I tend to dread going to Facebook and Twitter because they tax my brain.   I have to wade through a lot of words out there to keep up with things such as what is going on in the dementia groups and the posts I follow for coupons, samples, useful deals on things we need, etc. to try to stress our budget.

More and more I find that when I want to relax, I turn to Pinterest as it involves so few words.   Just decide on a topic, create a board and pin as I please things I find that I want to remember or share with others.   Kind of like a very easy online digital scrapbook.

I have written in other posts how important I think it is to maintain one's sense of humor when one has a disease that is slowly destroying your brain causing "I can't believe I just did that" moments to be a normal part of daily life.    I think consciously seeking out humor is also very important to keep oneself emotionally balanced.    Sometimes I find something that tickles my funny bone and want to go back to it when I need a dose of "laughter yoga."    I have found Pinterest to be perfect for that now that videos can be pinned also.   I am very slowly adding to it a collection of my favorite clean humor videos, ones that are always guaranteed to make me laugh (such as Tim Conway's dentist routine).

I am thrilled with the results.   No more trying sort through bookmarks or notes when I want to find my favorite funny videos.    I now need to go to only one place to make my selection when I need a dose of laughter.

I have also been wanting to try a new craft but been held back as (1) I am not up to learning something completely new and complicated from scratch (even with the boost from the coconut oil) and (2) our household budget really can't fit in a lot of luxury items - i.e., things that are not food, utilities, mortgage, etc.     I found a perfect solution in "plarn" since I already know how to crochet, have various size crochet hooks and we have plenty of plastic bags.    Pinterest has also turned out to be a great place to store pictures I find of various plarn projects that interest me.

While it was not created for the memory impaired, I think Pinterest can be a great tool for us as it is so much simpler to work with pictures on boards categorized by topic rather than bookmarking things we want to remember (and then trying to remember that we bookmarked them and how we tagged them) or posting them to Facebook and hoping we will remember we did so and going back to scroll through our timeline to find them again.

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