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Saturday, May 26, 2012

my new blog

I have been thinking about something one of my readers said to me a couple of months ago.   Since I don't make a lot of posts on this blog she was concerned about how I am doing, as she did not realize at that point that I am quite active on other parts of the web.

This is my "life with dementia blog."  Yes, I live with my dementia every day but my dementia is not my life.    There is far more to my life than that.     I love technology and scifi and fantasy and enjoy crafts and various computer games, among other things.  Indirectly they are part of my life with dementia insofar as I consciously keep myself engaged with them (even on days when it would be easier not to do so), as a means of "fighting" the dementia, of continually working to build new neural pathways in my brain to replace what I have lost by making sure I learn something new every day - and the best way I know how to do that is to focus on things that interest me.

Thus I have created a new blog which will run independently of this one, although there will be some tie ins.  For example, today's post on Stumblinn2 is about  CalenGoo which is something that helps greatly with my memory impairment by linking my Google Calendar to my Kindle Fire so that I get beeped at and also get messages on my Fire so that I don't forget important things like taking my meds, etc.

I will continue to use this blog to chronicle my life as a high functioning dementia patient and use my other blog for things that have no specific relation to dementia.   When I do a post on Stumblinn2 (such as today's post on Calengoo) which features a product that I use to deal with my memory impairment, I will note it on this blog also for those who are interested.  In general though, the two blogs will function independently of each other as they have different target audiences.

I have also just become an Amazon affiliate, since much of what I will be writing about on Stumblinn2 will be Amazon products considering that I use my Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch a minimum of 6 - 8 hours a day because they both help me to compensate in many ways in areas of my life that are now more of a challenge because of my dementia.  I am adding this note as I have never tried to monetize my dementia blog (that is not its purpose) but there will be an occasional link on here now that will link to Amazon, such as the Calengoo one above if, and only if, I mention a product that I personally find is a big help to me in coping with my own dementia symptoms.


Karen said...

If I click on the Amazon link in your blog, do you get a percentage of what I buy? I'm happy to try to remember to do that, when I do buy from Amazon. It's too bad I didn't know I had that option, on my last trip I probably spent several hundred dollars there.

Doreen Platt said...

Yes, Karen, I do. And it doesn't matter at all what you buy on Amazon if you enter through a link that I post and buy anything at all on Amazon then I will receive the credit for the purchase which also increases my referral rate.

Thanks, Karen.