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Monday, May 21, 2012

Coconut Oil

At my last visit (a couple of months ago), my neurologist wanted to put me on Axona.   I ruled that one out pretty quickly because of (1) the cost and (2) it is supposed to work by encouraging the brain to use ketones rather than glucose for fuel.

I have lived my whole life with severe osteoporosis because of my osteogenesis imperfecta so I have a reasonable knowledge of what makes osteoporosis worse and one of the things is having ketones running around in one's body as the more ketones you have, the more minerals necessary for bone health you excrete in your urine.   Since Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a collagen deficiency disease (meaning that minerals don't adhere to my bones properly), the last thing in the world I want is to have something (ketones) running around my body that will encourage my body to excrete even more of the bone  health minerals I have so much trouble holding on to anyway.

Research on Axona though led my housemate and I to the reports on coconut oil being beneficial for dementia.    It is far cheaper than the Axona and has enough other benefits, that we decided it was worth discussing with my PCP.   He was in favor of it and even recommended a book (Power Up Your Brain) for me to read which supports using coconut oil.    

After I finished the book, I started taking Nature's Way Coconut Oil-extra virgin (not trying to promote a specific brand here, only putting in the name in case anyone wants the specifics) this past Friday, alternating between one to two tablespoons a day, and I don't know if I am imagining it but I seem to be mentally clearer today than I have been in quite awhile.

Perhaps, I am just having a good day - time will tell.    I'll report back in a few weeks on whether I am having more mentally clear days (days when I can easily do things like sort and file things, etc. where I have to make decisions on what to keep and what goes where) and if I notice any other benefits (such as to my memory) as I keep taking it daily.


NewKidontheBlogg said...

My husband's dementia has been helped by coconut oil. I highly recommend it and have been blogging about it for some time.

Doreen Platt said...

I am both amazed and thrilled at how effective the coconut oil is proving to be for me. I take a tablespoon twice a day with meals and am definitely noticing a difference.

Yes, I still have issues with memory, words, math, balance, etc. so it is certainly not a "cure all," but what it does do is give me more mental clarity for longer each day and to me that is a God send.

Namenda did the same thing for the side effects of the Namenda were so horrendous for me that I dreaded waking up each day. The coconut oil has had no negative side effects and is allowing me to accomplish more each day now so I am a very happy camper.