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Saturday, April 7, 2012

April update

My wrist is fully healed and I can type again but I just have not had the mental energy to come post in awhile.   I am going to copy and paste the update I did for my neurologist.   I find it much easier to prepare a typed update for my doctors in advance when I have time to think about it then to leave a doctor visit realizing that I had forgotten half of what I wanted to tell the doctor when I was there.

    Deterioration since last visit:

Further marked decline in math abilities.  Estimate down to third grade level now as sometimes even addition and subtraction with just two digits numbers gives wrong results.  I use very basic computer math puzzles to try to keep an eye on my math skills.

Verbal - still high overall (as this note shows) but I am now seeing some instances where instead of just using the wrong noun or using a homonym of a word when typing, I am occasionally starting to use the wrong form of a verb such as typing "I be" instead of "I am."   I am finding that very frustrating as it makes me appear uneducated.

Time sense - I am finding myself more likely to get distracted and lose track of time.  I often know I want to do something at a certain time but get caught up doing something up and lose all track of time.

Overall Health:

I have been making a very conscious effort to eat healthy and try to do some form of exercise almost every day.  I am reading and doing a variety of things on the computer every day to keep giving my brain as much exercise as possible.  I use a variety of computer games to work on memory, hand - eye coordination, etc. to try to slow down the rate of brain cell death.

The extra 10 pounds I gained over the past year has been slowly coming back off and I am finding that I have more energy.

I firmly believe that the deterioration section above would be much longer if I was not working hard to keep myself in shape mentally and physically.  

March 08, 2012 update

I'm finding my reading is slowing back down again.   This originally happened before I went on the Exelon.   The Exelon restored my reading ability for quite a few years.     I still read daily,  but I am finding it is taking me significantly longer to get through a book now than what I consider to be normal for myself.


I am not going to beat myself up if I don't do it but I will try to make an effort to come in at least once a month now to do an update for as long as I can.    I can still read and write and type, what is going is the motivation ...


Karen said...

Good to see you back online. My reading speed has also been going, I used to get through a book a day, now I guess I'm probably more 'normal.' I also find that while I can get through the things I used to read (law review articles, complicated mysteries), it takes so much effort that I often don't want to be bothered. I feel sharper on the Aricept in certain ways, but you reminded me that this hasn't changed.

Email me when you feel up to it. Or should I contact you sometimes? I don't know if your lack of motivation is a symptom of dementia, or of depression.

Stumblinn said...

Hi Karen, by all means, free free to email me at any time.

I used to easily read at least 3 - 4 books a week and now I struggle to get through a chapter a day in serious books but I have come to accept that as just what is now.

I am confused though by what you are referring to as my lack of motivation and why you think I might be depressed? I am not at all down and still get quite a bit done each day. I no longer can do as much as I used to though so I have to chose each day what is most important to me to do. I focus on things like socializing (on Second Life) and now that I have my Fire (thank goodness, I managed to get a very good deal on a one day (more like one hour they went so fast) on refurbished ones on Amazon), I am again keeping up on news articles, etc. plus playing games like Words with Friends, etc. to keep my brain going in addition to doing necessary real life things such as keeping track of finances, getting my paperwork sorted, organized, etc.

I simply don't feel a need to post on my blog constantly what I am doing. I figure as long as I post often enough to give anyone who reads a feel for what I still can do and what is not longer an option for me, then that is what matters.