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Friday, September 23, 2011

Limited mental energy

From  "How much is too much: focusing on relevant components while spreading dementia awareness" :

"For me, everything’s in queue for my time and energy– things I want to learn and do, things I need to learn and do–and often it is just a toss-up: should I read that article? See that movie? Catch up with friend ABC? Or take a walk or eat ice cream instead?  I guess it’s the same for others, given how most people seem squeezed for time, just about managing to carry on."

The funny thing is as a primarily homebound dementia patient, I should seemingly have loads of time to do things, yet I feel the same way as the author in the previous paragraph about the limitations.  Although my limitations are not because of the amount of time I have available to do things but because of the amount of time my brain can handle doing them before it gets tired and I start to lose focus.

Even more so now while any response I make to what I read has to be done one handed until my right wrist heals.   Am finding that is draining me even more, causing me to put off things like keeping current on most of the blogs I usually read, etc.

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