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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dementia and spirituality

I'm not posting much right now while I wait for yet another wrist fracture to heal (is just one of my usual spontaneous micro fractures that I get because of my osteogenesis imperfecta) but I did want to do one fast post to point out Bruce's current post, God is Within,  at Living with Dementia for anyone who might not have seen it.

As I said in my comment on his post, I think that is a very important post for anyone who is working with someone with dementia to see.    Bruce stated things so well in his post that the only thing I will add is that as I deal with a variety of physical issues including, but not limited to, my dementia, I continually remind myself that it is not me who has these things but my body and I am not my body.   I am an eternal soul simply using this body as a dwelling place for this lifetime on earth.    As long as I am able to keep my eye on the larger picture then I can use the things my body is going through as a vehicle for continued spiritual growth.  The lessons I can learn from what this body is experiencing will remain with me long after I have left this body behind.

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NewKidontheBlogg said...

Such an important point. If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, however, you miss this opportunity to rest in His love and care.