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Saturday, August 6, 2011

What do you miss?

As I have written previously, having my days structured is very important to me.   That includes even such things as spending little to no time on Second Life (my primary social outlet) until later in the day usually as SL takes a lot out of me so I like to get everything else for the day done first.   This morning I logged into SL for what I had thought would be five minutes to check some things in inventory and ended up being on for several hours.    Thus I am feeling very drained right now and not up to writing much.

On my last post, NewKidOntheBlogg (I love that name) invited me to visit her blog at Plant City Lady and Friends (her blog about her husband who has been diagnosed with mixed dementia).   I have spent some time there and will definitely spend more time there.   One of the topics I have been discussing with her there is that her husband can still drive now but she is not sure when he will have to stop driving.    I had to stop driving over a decade ago but don't miss that as much as I miss no longer being able to clown.  (Yes, I was a real life full grease paint clown.)

For those with dementia, what do you miss the most?     Or for caretakers whose loved ones are no longer online, what activity has the dementia taken from them that they said they miss the most?   I don't mean to be rude but I am really interested in hearing the reply from the dementia patient side, not what it is the caretaker misses the most that their loved one used to do but what does the patient his or herself miss the most as I strongly suspect that they are not one in the same in many instances.

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