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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Serendipity and Synchronicity

Serendipity and Synchronicity - these are two of my favorite words and something I put on the plus side of life with dementia.  Yes, you read me right, I definitely believe there are pluses to life with dementia.   That does not mean that I would not have preferred to have these pluses some other way.   You will never hear me say that dementia is something one should want to have.     However, if one does have it, then I think it is important to not get caught up in a "oh woe is me" mindset.

I used to be super-achiever woman.   Back in my pre-dementia days it was not uncommon for me to hear things like "you do more in one day, then I do in three days."      Now I accomplish less in three days than many folks do in one day.    And that's ok.     Now my focus is on quality and not quantity in all parts of my life.

That is where serendipity and synchronicity come into play.   Now that my life is much more laid back, I often stumble upon things that I would have missed before in my rush to fit as much as possible into every minute of every day.

Yes, things like losing my math skills, having to depend on someone else anytime I need to be taken somewhere, etc. are frustrating and yet, I have to say that in some ways I am enjoying life now more than I ever did both because I no longer feel so driven (if I get through the 3 or 4 things on my "to do" list each day (versus the 40 to 50 things I used to have on it), I am content now) and because knowing that as time progresses I will continue to lose more of my independence - thus making everything I can do now (feed myself, dress myself, walk, talk, even take an eyelash out of my eye) far more precious to me than it was before my diagnosis when I took such things so much for granted. 

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