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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planner works only if

My daily planners helps me so much but it works only if I remember to write things down on it.   I don't need to write down my usual daily activities as I do a pretty good job at my normal daily routine but if I don't write down anything that is not a daily activity, there is a very good chance that all thoughts of it will drift away from me and float off through a hole in the ozone.

So where can I buy a daily planner that will remind me of what I need to write in it so that I don't forget?   (Given that my roommate/caretaker has memory problems that are as signficant as mine because of her fibromyalgia, this is a serious issue as it means medical things like tests, etc. can slip through the cracks.)

I have written in other posts on here about some of my word issues (such as often typing homonymns) but lately something new is occurring.   For example, yesterday I said that I was having "a fit of snerzes," instead of a sneezing fit.    Both odd wording and non word in one sentence.    It is not the first time lately that I have realized that I used a non word.    No idea why my brain has decided it is time to start creating its own language but I guess I'll go along for the ride. 

It does keep life interesting when you never know what will come out of your mouth (or your pen or your keyboard).

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