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Saturday, August 20, 2011

ok, so I'm messy now

On August 9th, I wrote "ok, so I need a bib now."     I guess this is part two of that post.

A few mornings ago, my roommate watched me make my morning coffee.   She commented on the mess I made on the counter from the coffee spilling.   I remember thinking "yeah, so?" To me, wearing my food (on my clothes or my face) or spilling it when preparing it just doesn't phase me at all anymore.   I take it as much for granted as I take suddenly losing my balance when standing or walking (in fact, I rather suspect there is a connect between the fact that both are happening more often).

The way I see it, as long as I clean up my own messes (and I do) then there is nothing to get stressed about.   It just is what it is.  I know this is one of the things that causes caretakers to despair, but from a patient point of view it is actually rather nice to not feel the need to get constantly bent out of shape over every little thing.

I figure as long as I care about the important things (like making sure I pay close attention when I have something on the stove) where actual harm to someone could result then I am still doing fine.


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Glad you are blogging more now. Yep! Somethings aren't important!


Stumblinn said...

Thank you.

Tara Li said...

You've become a guy now? *GD&R!*

Stumblinn said...

*bursts out laughing at*

"You've become a guy now?"

and asks "what the heck is

*GD&R!* "?

Tara Li said...

*GD&R* = Grin, Duck & Roll

Stumblinn said...

ah, just what we might need to do this weekend if that hurricane track moves a bit to the West.

Thanks, Tarali.