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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ok, so I need a bib ...

About a week or so ago, I was in my room eating and my roommate/caretaker called out to me to tell me something.   Without a second thought, I got up and opened the door to see what she wanted.    She looked up at me and seemed to be rather shocked that there was a lot of food on my face around my mouth and chin.    My reaction to that was basically "yes, so?" as that has now become the norm for me.   Yes, I know my eating is much messier now and have even gone looking for the bibs I once had before my Exelon as I do need them again but it was still a surprise to me when she mentioned it as I take it so much for granted now.

Since she so rarely ever sees me actually eating (I make my food in the kitchen and then take it into my room (where I spend about 90 - 95% of my time alone most days) to eat) she did not realize how much food seems to end up on me rather than in me now.   (I also do my own laundry.)    Her surprise was yet another wake up call for me that I am slipping further.

That is one of the benefits of not living alone, having even intermittent contact with another human being as I go about my daily life does provide a mirror for me to better gauge the progression of my dementia as someone else notices things I have started to take for granted.


Karen said...

I'm the kind of person who has always needed a bib! Of course you don't use one, you just don't wear white shirts and don't eat certain things out. My grandma had the cutest little velcro bibs with different patterns and they were easy to wash -- maybe you can get something like that online.

Stumblinn said...

I still should have my bibs from my pre-Exelon days when I needed them before, just have to find out what box they are packed in. Am slowly going through my room and trying to get rid of everything I don't need and find a few long buried things (like my bibs) that I am starting to need again.

Given that I eat 99.9% of my meals alone in my room, there is no reason in the world for me not to do the practical thing and wear a bib.

For a variety of reasons, we don't go out to eat more than once or twice a year and usually that doesn't entail anything beyond going through the drive through window at McDonalds for french fries (I'm vegetarian).

I did get your email and will reply to it later today, after I have had a chance to wake up.