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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Better late than never

I had an "ah ha" moment this morning.   A few days ago in "ok, so I'm messy now," I wrote about my roommate watching me spill my morning coffee as I was making it and indicated that that is something that I have come to take for granted.

This morning, I suddenly realized why I have been making a mess every morning when I make my coffee.   I knew enough to not put in enough soy milk to have the liquid go over the rim of the cup.   I knew that there was a decent sized chip out of the side of the cup. (Yes, I could use a different cup but this has been my favorite for years.   It is comforting for me to start my mornings with.)

The part that had not connected for me was that what I need to now do (the chip is only a few months old) is only fill the cup up to below the bottom of where the chip is as what was happening each morning is that I was trying to keep the level of liquid below the rim of the cup and it was spilling out the side through the opening where the chip is.     This morning, it finally hit me what was going on.    

Ok, so I'm no longer the brightest bulb in the pack (yes, there was a time that my IQ literally tested in the genius range) but thought I would post this to give caretakers who read it a peek into how dementia impacts a brain - things that would be obvious to a "normal" brain just don't necessarily click with a brain that is full of holes (literally) because of dementia destroying pieces of it.     

Always a silver lining - I did get a good chuckle out of it when I finally figured out what is happening.   As I have said before, as long as I can continue to laugh at the things I do because of the dementia, I will be fine.

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