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Monday, August 1, 2011

Balancing how much I can do in one day

Not going to write much today as I had to balance checking account and do some work figuring out where we are on household finances for the month.

My roommate/caretaker and I divide household responsibilities.   She is not in very good shape herself, but she can drive and I cannot so she takes responsibility for going out to get the groceries and driving me someplace when it is important that I be present myself (mainly just the doctor's office and medical tests).     She also takes care of me while I am recovering after a fall.  (My blood pressure drops, causing me to pass out and fall several times a year on average.)

My responsibilities are to manage our finances and pay the bills (yes, I have trouble with math but I can still balance my checking account by using a calculator to do the math and then making sure it balances back to the bank figure) and do things like the dishes and take out the garbage.

Things like paying the checkbook and bills seem to use the same part of my brain that doing things like writing blog entries does so I'm not up for writing much else today.

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