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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I don't do well with schedule changes

Many people would be bored by my daily life as I am 98% homebound but this daily sameness of routine actually works well for me.  I am usually only taken out once every two to three months for a doctor appointment or on rare occasions a trip to the library. (I can ask to be taken to the library at any time, but mostly just order the books online for my housemate/caretaker to pick up when she runs errands).   Every now and then another appointment comes up that I have to go to also.

This has been one of those rare times when I went out twice in less than one week (doctor appointment on July 22nd and social service agency appointment on July 25th).    The end result of that and a few things that happened here at home in the last week including the cat coming in and stridently demanding to be fed while I was asleep (takes me a long time to get to sleep and is hard to fall back asleep when I am woken up) was that two days in the past week I forgot to take one of my two daily doses of Exelon.   

Missing two doses within three days combined with my schedule being off for a variety of reasons this past week is making itself felt today.   It was exacerbated by the lawn mower people coming early this morning as even on a good day, I do not do well in the presence of loud, harsh noises.   I am making more mistakes than usual just trying to get through the day, so no thought out post today.   I will try to post each day for as long as I am able to do so, but some days will be like today - not the best day for me to right a thoughtful cohesive post and on those days, I will just report what the day is like for me.

Hopefully even that will be helpful for any who read me as I am assuming only those interested in what life with early onset dementia is like will read me.

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