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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Early Onset Dementia

I am a 53 year old American woman, diagnosed with Pick's Disease in the Fall of 2001. My CT scans, MRI, etc. showed so much brain damage that I was awarded disability at the end of December, two weeks after applying for it.

Five years ago, it was thought more likely that my diagnosis should be Lewy Body Disease. Currently, my diagnosis is Ideopathic Dementia. In neurologist speak, Ideopathic Dementia basically means "ok, you clearly have dementia but you don't fit the pattern for any known dementia, so I'm just going to watch and see what happens with you and maybe someday I'll write a paper about this new dementia I discovered."

Hey, that's fine with me. I had planned to donate my body to science anyway since I also have the rare disease Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). For now, though I am living with the combined effects of OI and some type of dementia and would like to connect with other "high functioning" dementia patients. There are very few online support groups for dementia patients so I am going to turn this blog into a daily journal of my journey and hope others will join me here as time goes on.

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